Be a Samurai in Tokyo at “SAMURAI’ve”

Samurai and Japanese swords have been featured in various movies and anime. Recently, the popularity of Japanese swords has increased worldwide due to the influence of the anime “Demon Slayer”. When I see people using Japanese swords to defeat their enemies, I am always like, “Cool! I want to use a sword just like the movie and anime characters!” Don’t you feel the same way?
There is a perfect place for you in Tokyo! That’s “SAMURAI’ve” in the Harajuku area, one of Tokyo’s trendiest neighborhoods. There, you can experience the movements of a samurai in a workshop. After an hour of lessons, I am sure you will become a samurai wielding a sword beautifully.

A Dojo in Harajuku?

We got off the train at JR Harajuku station, and in less than 10 minutes of walking toward the northeast, we arrived at a concrete building.
I was surprised and wondered, “Can I really have a samurai experience in the city center like here?” We followed the signs down to the basement, and we found a samurai dojo!
At the back of the dojo, there is a sign with the kanji “道 (Do)”, which stands for “the spiritual essence of skills and arts”, and I was very excited to see what I was going to learn in this special space!
During the workshop, you can try on a traditional Japanese costume. Many of you might know “kimono”, but not many know “hakama”. In those days, Samurais wore pants-like garments called hakama in addition to kimono. You will definitely feel as if you are a “samurai” just by dressing up in traditional costumes!

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Let’s Start with “Samurai Courtesy”!

“Bushi-Do”, the moral code of the samurai, values not only swordsmanship but also courtesy and etiquette. In the workshop, you will first learn about courtesy before practicing wielding a sword.

First, you sit in the seiza posture (sitting on the floor with your knees bent) and place the sword on your right side as a sign of respect for others. As you may know from your Japanese knowledge, the sword is usually inserted on the left side of the belt and pulled out from there. Placing the sword on the left side means that the sword is ready to be pulled out to attack. To show that you have no intention of attacking them, it is the etiquette of samurai to place the sword on the right side. Once you are ready and take a bow to the teacher, you feel your back straightening and your head cleared.

Defeat enemies with your sword!

The swords used in the workshop are full-scale replicas that weigh close to the weight of a real sword (although they are safe replicas that cannot be used to cut). You will learn how to pull the sword out of the “saya” case and put it back.
You may think, “Why should we start with something so simple?” You will learn the correct procedure and basic movements one by one so that the sword does not get caught in the middle of the case or you do not hurt yourself.
There are, of course, some basic actions in sword-wielding, and you will learn how to wield a sword in the best way to defeat your enemy rather than aimlessly swinging it with force.
At the end of the workshop, you will have a chance to play a role like a movie star and to fight and defeat the staff who plays the enemy role. You can act like a movie star using the basics you have learned. Ask them to take a video of you so you can bring back memories of Japan!

Why “SAMURAI’ve”?

Among the several samurai-experience workshops in Tokyo, there are two reasons why you should choose “SAMURAI’ve”.
First, it is located in a place that is easy to access by train. “SAMURAI’ve” is an 8-minute walk from JR Harajuku Station and a 5-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Kitasando Station, making it very easy to visit if you stay in the city center of Tokyo. (It is also accessible from other areas such as Yokohama and Omiya.) It is not easy to find a place in Tokyo with such a spacious “dojo” with such good accessibility.
Another reason is that the instructors are a professional group with high skills. Not only do they teach actors on stage, in dramas and movies, but they also perform as actors portraying samurai. It is a valuable experience to get to learn real techniques from them.


Shinichi GODAI

Founder of SAMURAI’ve

He has choreographed sword fighting for various media such as TV, movies, commercials, music videos, live performances, and stage performances.
In addition, he promotes sword fighting and Japanese culture overseas.


Representative of SAMURAI’ve

In addition to performing in popular plays and video works, he also teaches sword fighting. 
He also hosts workshops and events throughout Japan.


Deputy Representative of SAMURAI’ve

He has appeared in events throughout Japan and on TV programs, and also edits and designs videos for SAMURAI’ve.



・From Monday to Friday and Sunday (Saturday is negotiable.)
・60 minutes class
・10:30 A.M.- 11:00 A.M.(Please come about 15 minutes before the start. / Other times are negotiable.)

Fee(tax included)

Normal (Standard) Plan – 60 mins
・Adult (1 person) / ¥11,000
・Child (1 person) / ¥8,800

Private Plan (under 9 persons) – 60 mins
・Adult (1 person) / ¥14,300
・Child (1 person) / ¥12,100

Group Plan (private/limited to reservations of 10 or more people)] -75-90 mins
・Adult (1 person) / ¥11,000
・Child (1 person) / ¥8,800

Cancellation Policy for Normal Plan&Private Plan(under 9 persons)
・100%:on the day
・50%:1~3 days before
・30%:4~7 days before
・0%:8days before

Cancellation Policy for Group Plan (More than 10 people)
・100%:0~3 days before
・70%:4~7 days before
・50%:8~14 days before
・30%:15 days~1 month before
・0%:1 month before

*Child: Under 12 years old
*For a private experience, the additional fee is 3,300 JPY per person (for less than 9 people).
*If you make a reservation for 10 or more people, it will automatically become a private experience.

*All of the instructors from our samurai experience program are professional samurai performers who perform in various shows and events. We can arrange and incorporate a samurai performance show performed by our instructors during your samurai experience program, should you be interested. (Additional fees are required.)

Want to make your Japan trip even more special? Check out the SAMURAI’ve website!

SAMURAI’ve Information

Telephone: +81-3-6303-4402

3-3-12-B2, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0051, Japan


(From the nearest stations)
Kitasando sta. (Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line)【Exit 2】 / 4 min. walk
Harajuku sta. (JR Yamanote Line)【Takeshita Exit】 / 8min. walk
Sendagaya sta.(JR Sobu Line) / 10min.walk
Yoyogi sta.(JR Yamanote Line , JR Sobu Line , Toei Oedo Line) / 12min.walk

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