Cold Ramen “Hiyashi Ramen”

“Hiyashi Ramen” (cold ramen) was developed in Yamagata Prefecture in 1952 as a meal to help people survive the hot summer. The first owner of Sakae-ya Honten in Yamagata Prefecture spent a year improving the soup so that the oil in the soup would not solidify even at low temperatures.

Toppings vary from restaurant to restaurant but often include crispy vegetables such as cucumbers, leeks, and sprouts.

Below you will find information on Sakaeya Honten, the originator of Hiyashi Ramen.


(Open if Wednesday is a national holiday, closed the next day instead.)

Business hours

Summer (March 19th – September 30th):  11:30 am – 8:15 pm
Winter (October 1st – March 18th): 11:30 am – 7:30 pm


Hiyashi Ramen: 850 yen 
(As of December 2022)

How to say in Japanese

Sakae-ya Honten (restaurant name): 栄屋本店 (さかえやほんてん/sakae-ya honten)
Hiyashi ramen (cold ramen): 冷やしラーメン (ひやしらーめん/hiyashi rāmen)


Sakaeya-Honten (Japanese)


2-3-21 Honcho, Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture 990-0043 (Google Maps)


20 minutes walk from JR Yamagata Station
2 minutes walk from the nearest bus stop, “本町 (Honcho)”
*You can take the “Beni Chan Bus” from JR Yamagata Station to the nearest bus stop. It takes a 6-minute ride.