How to order a fresh smoothie at 7-Eleven

Spring is well underway with cherry blossoms starting to bloom all over Japan, and the hot weather in Tokyo leaves me already longing for summer.

As you must know after reading our latest article Japan’s Convenience Stores Are a Traveler’s Best Friend, there are several chains of konbini in Japan that offer a lot of essential products as well as delicious and high-quality food.

All konbinis have their own system for freshly brewed coffee and other hot/iced drinks, but did you know that some 7-Eleven stores around Tokyo also started offering healthy smoothies?

Some stores are now equipped with a special machine that can instantly blend a cup of mixed frozen fruits and vegetables, delivering you with a refreshing drink full of good vitamins. 
Ideal for a boost of energy at any time of the day, they are super easy to order and very tasty! They are quite affordable compared to specialty juice bars.

Check below to learn how to buy!


Where to find the smoothie cups

You can find the SEVEN CAFE smoothie cups in the frozen section of the convenient store, right next to the cups for iced coffee or near the ice creams.

There are currently 4 flavors available, sold for 300 yen each:
– Strawberry Banana Soy Smoothie | 116 calories
– Mango Pineapple Smoothie | 104 calories
– Double Berries Yogurt Smoothie | 164 calories
– Green Smoothie (kale, banana, pineapple, soy milk…) | 87 calories

How to buy

After choosing your favorite flavor, you just have to pick up your cup and go to the register to pay.

How to make the smoothie

After your purchase, you need to go to the coffee machine area, usually located at the end of the front register counter next to the entrance.

1. Find the smoothie machine and scan the barcode located on the lid of your cup.
2. Remove the lid, open the machine, place your smoothie in the cup holder inside. Close the door, push the “OK” button on screen.
3. Touch the “PUSH” button to start the process, and watch your drink being blended!
4. After you pick up your ready drink from the machine, you can add a lid and a straw and enjoy it outside on your way, in a park or anywhere you like!

7-eleven Smoothie Machines Stores Locations

The system has not been released nationwide yet, and is currently sold only at some stores in Tokyo and Chiba areas, but the number of stores is gradually increasing. You can check a map of participating stores here (Japanese).