Japanese Proverbs About Life

In Japan, there are many proverbs (諺 [Kotowaza]) that teach life lessons and the way human beings should be, which have been handed down from generation to generation. Do you have a favorite Japanese proverb? If you don’t, pick one here.

雨だれ石を穿つ “Raindrops make holes in the stone.”

急がば回れ “If you’re in a hurry, take a detour.”

思い立ったが吉日 “The day you decide to do something is the best day to do it.”

悪事千里を走る “Bad news travels fast.”

灯台下暗し “It is dark under the lamp post.”

人のふり見て我がふり直せ “Watch other people’s behavior and fix your own behavior.”

笑う門には福来る “Fortune comes to those who smile.”

Did you find your favorite proverb? If you have any other proverbs you’d like to see listed, let us know on our Twitter!