Rei’s Daily Life in Japan: July 2023

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“Fluffy dorayaki”

“Do you know ‘dorayaki’? Yes, it’s Doraemon’s favorite sweet! In Tokyo, the dorayaki from a wagashi (Japanese confectionery) shop ‘Kameju‘ in Asakusa is very popular! If you go there around noon, there is already a long line.

The pancake part is fluffy, and the sweet bean paste is not too sweet. Once you’ve had this dorayaki, you can’t get satisfied with regular ones anymore. It’s become so popular that they even have miniatures of the dorayaki in gacha-gacha machines!

By the way, I’m a huge fan of elaborate miniature snacks and sweets gacha toys, and I collect and display them at home. I will show you some of my collection!”




She is an actor, narrator, model, and numerology practitioner, active in a wide range of fields. She aspires to work internationally, including in the Middle East. Currently, she is studying Arabic.