Rei’s Daily Life in Japan: June 2023

Table of Contents

“I watched the movie ‘RRR'”

“I watched the movie ‘RRR'(an Indian movie) at Ebisu Garden Place! It was soooo exciting, I got chills! Inside Ebisu Garden Cinema, they have lots of movie stars displayed, even in the restroom. It’s so dramatic!

恵比寿えびすガーデンプレイス映画えいが『RRR』てきました! めちゃくちゃ面白おもしろかった!!! し、しびれたー!!恵比寿えびすガーデンシネマなか沢山たくさん映画えいがスターがかざってあって、お手洗てあらいのなかまでドラマティックです。

“Became the 20,000th visitor!”

“When I visited the Mucha Exhibition at the Yume Art Museum in Hachioji City the other day, I was fortunate enough to become the 20,000th visitor! As a commemoration, I received a lot of Mucha goods! So happy!”

数日前すうじつまえなんですが、 八王子市はちおうじし夢美術館ゆめびじゅつかんのミュシャてんったらなんと! 「20,000人目にんめ来場者らいじょうしゃ」になりました! ミュシャグッズ沢山たくさんいただきました!! うれしかったです!

“Remove the fish meat from the bones by yourself”

I went to ‘Sushi to mas‘ in Musashi-Koyama! The signboard was cute<3 The most exciting sushi for me was the ‘Toro-Taku Maki,’ where you remove the fish meat from the bones by yourself!

Despite its eerie appearance, the sashimi made from the heart of a Greenland shark (Moukazame) was incredibly delicious. And of course, the classic Japanese sushi was great. Everything was delicious!

武蔵小山むさしこやまの『寿司すしとmas』さんにってきました!かわいいポップな看板かんばん! 1ばんテンションがったのは、 自分じぶんほねからはずしてべるトロタクき!!

そして不気味ぶきみだけどめちゃくちゃ美味おいしかったのがモウカザメの心臓しんぞうのお刺身さしみ! そして日本にほんといえばのお寿司すしどれも美味おいしかったです!

” ‘Cojicoji Cafe’ at Kichijoji PARCO!”

“I went to the ‘Cojicoji Cafe’ at Kichijoji PARCO! Do you know ‘Cojicoji’ by Momoko Sakura (the creator of ‘Chibi Maruko-chan’)?

It’s a story about the daily lives of Coji Coji, a resident of a fairytale-like country, who is extremely free-spirited and sincere, along with his amusing companions. It’s quite philosophical and thought-provoking at times!

The Coji Coji Cafe has various adorable goods, and I bought a Coji Coji notebook!

‘Secret Gateau Chocolat’ is a delightful surprise of what kind of face-shaped Coji Coji cookie will come!

I ordered Yuzu Squash! At first, I thought, ‘It’s too sweet!’ but it turned out I just hadn’t mixed it. Once I mixed it, it was delicious!”


ちょう自由じゆうちょう素直すなおな、メルヘンのくに住人じゅうにんコジコジと愉快ゆかい仲間なかまたちの日常にちじょうのおはなしです。 が、結構けっこう哲学的てつがくてきかんがえさせられるところもあります!



ドリンクは、ゆずスカッシュです! めちゃくちゃあまい!!っておもったけど、ぜてなかった! ぜたらちょうど美味おいしかったです!

“Attended a tea ceremony lesson”

“I recently attended a tea ceremony lesson. As I prepared and served the tea, I felt my heart getting calmer.

The sweet served this time was called “Riku no Houju,” made of a whole, high-quality, fresh “Muscat of Alexandria” grape from Okayama Prefecture. It is a popular seasonal delicacy available only during the warm/hot months! It was juicy and delicious :)”

先日せんじつ茶道さどうのお稽古けいこきました。 おちゃてていると、こころととのっていくのがわかります。

今回こんかいのお菓子かしは、なまのマスカットオブアレキサンドリアが一粒ひとつぶまるごとつつまれている『陸乃宝珠りくのほうじゅ』でした。 期間限定きかんげんてい人気にんきのお菓子かしです! ジューシーで美味おいしい(^^)」



She is an actor, narrator, model, and numerology practitioner, active in a wide range of fields. She aspires to work internationally, including in the Middle East. Currently, she is studying Arabic.