Rei’s Daily Life in Japan: May 2023

Table of Contents

“I had my hair cut!”

“I got my hair done at a beauty salon in Harajuku!
I had a haircut, color, and treatment done.
The color is blue-black.”


“Went to see a theater play”

“Today, I went to see a play in Shimokitazawa. It was a theater group that I had previously performed with!”

今日きょう下北沢しもきたざわ舞台ぶたいきました。 以前いぜんわたし出演しゅつえんさせていただいたことのある劇団げきだんでした!

“I also had tea break at PANES HOUSE in Shimokitazawa Terrace!”

「シモキタザワテラスのPANES HOUSEでおちゃもしました!」

“We all enjoyed a set course meal at an Indian curry restaurant!”


“There was someone who brought an adorable sugar glider, and it melted everyone’s heart. However, as you can see from the photo, capturing a picture with the sugar glider proved to be quite challenging! Haha.”


“Steamed rice served in a clay pot!”

“I went to KOME-SAN, a restaurant in Nishi-Azabu that serves rice in a clay pot, yesterday. The rice cooked with clams and snap peas was really good☺️ The sake container was as clear as ice and very beautiful!”




She is an actor, narrator, model, and numerology practitioner, active in a wide range of fields. She aspires to work internationally, including in the Middle East. Currently, she is studying Arabic.