Goroawase – Japanese Number Wordplay

Goroawase (語呂合わせ) is a type of Japanese wordplay. It is especially common for numbers to read differently from their original readings. Each number has several fixed readings, and the readings corresponding to the numbers are derived or associated with Japanese, Yamato Kotoba(old Japanese), Chinese (mahjong terms), English, etc. We, Japanese, use them in everyday life, …

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Words Related to Numbers in Japanese

◆How to count from 1 to 10 一(いち)”one” 二(に)”two”  三(さん) “three” 四(よん/し) ”four” 五(ご) ”five” 六(ろく)”six” 七(なな/しち) “seven” 八(はち) ”eight” 九(きゅう) ”nine” 零(れい/ぜろ)”zero” 【About numbers with two readings】 We basically use the following readings when referring to numbers in daily life: 4 (よん) / 7 (なな) / 0 (ぜろ).  When you count up from 1 …

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