[Translation Challenge] How Do You Translate “Coming Soon”?

This is an archive of the JD Translation Challenge, which we do regularly on JD’s Twitter. Why don’t you take the challenge too?

We have also listed the answers from our followers and feedback from Japanese members, so check it out when you are done with your translation.

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Translation Challenge

Translate the following sentences into Japanese.
(See the tweet on Twitter.)

“Golden Week is coming soon! Do you guys have any plans?”

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Key Phrase


soon; shortly; before long; nearly; almost

“Cherry blossom season is coming soon.”


soon; before long; any time now; momentarily

“Cherry blossom season is coming soon.”

Answers from our followers. Click to read the feedback.

You’re the only one who translated “coming soon” into そろそろ😆👍 That’s really nice!

Wonderful👏👏 One thing, be careful when you make “everyone” polite 😎

皆さん (みなさん)
*The “ん” in the middle of みんな would be omitted.

[very polite]
皆様 (みなさま)
*The “ん” in the middle of みんな would be omitted.

Perfect 👍 Your 語尾 (the end of sentences) are always so natural .

Nice 😊 It’s grammatically correct but here are 2 things to make it look better🤗

When you mention just a fact (not a comparison or emphasis), the following rule is often applied.

“は” + nouns or adjectives

“が” + verbs

You wrote the first sentence in casual style and the second in formal one. It’s better to match the style throughout the paragraphs🤗



Perfect 🤩 There’s nothing to modify grammatically, but if you write 「みんな」 in hiragana, that looks more natural 😉👍

“皆んな” is not wrong and it shows up in the suggestions of keyboards but we use みんな most of the time🤗

Excellent! I like that you used 「近い」 for “coming soon”🤩

Excellent that you used やってくる😉👍 One thing, when you useやってくる for season, we mostly use 「やってくる」 for future tense and 「やってきた」for current or past tenses. So it’s better to say 「ゴールデンウィークがやってきます」 in formal style to match the 2nd sentence.

Great! I like that you connected two sentences by using -だけど and you wrote 「なんか」(not なにか)😂👍 Sounds super natural!

Parfait🤩👍 I like how you omitted “は” after 皆さん. That sounds natural 💕

「ご予定」🤩👏👏👏 You’re so ready to work in Japanese companies 😉  You’re the only one who put 「ご」 before 予定☺️

If you say as below, that’s better😊 Don’t forget to match the style of the sentences: casual or polite🤗
”Do you have any plans?”


”Are you going to do something?”

Nice! You used そろそろ instead of もうすぐ😍👏👏

”It will be Golden Week very soon”
”Golden Week is just around the corner”
is better😉

Special thanks to all who participated!