Useful Japanese Phrases to Leave a Comment on Your “OSHI” (Faves) Social Media!

Do you know the Japanese word “推し (おし / oshi)”? In English, it’s more like fave (favorite singer or celebrity), bias, or a person you stan.
We introduce some useful Japanese phrases that you can use to comment on your oshi’s social media, such as Instagram and Twitter!

How to call your faves

  • nickname
  • [name] + さん (san)
    It is a polite way of calling someone. You can put it after their nickname, first name, last name, or full name.
  • [name] + ちゃん (chan)
    This is a friendly way of calling someone. It is used for women and you can put it after their nickname or first name.
  • [name] + くん (kun)
    This is a friendly way of calling someone. It is used for men and you can put it after their nickname or first name.

大好きです: I love you.

(だいすきです / Daisuki desu)
“I love you.”, “I like you so much.”

The most commonly used word! Some of you may be thinking, “Huh? Doesn’t「愛してる (あいしてる / aishiteru)」 mean I love you?” In fact, the word 「愛してる (“I love you”)」is rarely used in daily conversation. We use 「大好き (だいすき / daisuki)」, instead! If you add 「です (desu)」to it, it becomes more polite.


「___ (your fave’s name) のことが大好きです!」
(___ のことがだいすきです / ___ no koto ga daisuki desu)
“I love ___ so much!”

「___ (your fave’s name)、大好き!」
(___、だいすき / ___, daisuki)
“___, I love you!”

大ファンです : I’m a big fan of yours.

(だいふぁんです / Dai-fan desu)
“I’m a big fan of yours.”

In addition to「大好きです」, this phrase is also often used.


「___ (your fave’s name) さんの大ファンです」
(___さんのだいふぁんです / ___ san no dai-fan desu)
“I’m a big fan of ___ .”

If you are female;
「私は ___ (your country) のファンです」
(わたしは ___ のふぁんです / Watashi wa ___ no fan desu.)
“I’m your fan from ___ (your country)”

If you are male;
「僕は ___ (your country) のファンです」
(ぼくは ___ のふぁんです / Boku wa ___ no fan desu.)
“I’m your fan from ___ (your country)”

「___ (number) 年前から大ファンです」
(___ ねんまえからだいふぁんです / ___ nen mae kara dai-fan desu.)
“I’ve been your big fan for ___ (number) years.”

早く会いたいです : I can’t wait to see you.

(はやくあいたいです / Hayaku aitai desu)
“I can’t wait to see you.” “I want to see you soon.”

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, concerts and fan meetings are not held very often, so let them know how much you miss them by commenting on social media!


「___ (your fave’s name)に早く会いたいです!」
(___ にはやくあいたいです / ___ ni hayaku aitai desu.)
“I want to see / meet ___ (your fave’s name)!”

「___ (your fave’s name)に早く会いたいです!___ (your country)に来てください!」
(___ にはやくあいたいです ___ にきてください / ___ ni hayaku aitai desu ___ ni kitekudasai)
“I want to see / meet ___ (your fave’s name)! Please come to ___ (your country)!”

「___ (your fave’s name)に早く会いたいです!早くコロナが落ち着きますように!」
(___ にはやくあいたいです はやくころながおちつきますように / ___ ni hayaku aitai desu Hayaku korona ga ochitsukimasu-yōni)
“I want to see / meet ___ (your fave’s name)! I hope the COVID-19 situation settles down soon!”

「___ (your fave’s name)に早く会いたいです!コロナが落ち着いたら、すぐに日本へ会いに行きます!」
(___ にはやくあいたいです ころながおちついたら、すぐににほんへあいにいきます / ___ ni hayaku aitaidesu Korona ga ochitsuitara, suguni nihon e aini-ikimasu)
“I want to see / meet ___ (your fave’s name)! As soon as the COVID-19 situation settles down, I will come to Japan to see you!”

お誕生日おめでとうございます: Happy birthday.

(おたんじょうびおめでとうございます / Otanjōbi omedetō-gozaimasu)
“Happy birthday.”

This is a common expression when celebrating birthdays in Japan.

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(おたんじょうびおめでとうございます すてきないちにちをすごしてください / Otanjōbi omedetō-gozaimasu Sutekina ichinichi o sugoshite-kudasai)
“Happy birthday! Have a wonderful day!”

応援しています: I’m rooting for you. 

(おうえんしています / ōen shite-imasu)
“I’m rooting for you.” / “I support you.”

It can be used in everyday casual comments, or when your faves are going through some difficulties or trying something new.

(みゅーじかるへのちょうせん、おうえんしています / Myūjikaru e no chōsen, ōen shite-imasu)
“I’m rooting for you in your new challenge to become a musical star!”

「私たちファンはいつでも ___ (your fave’s name)のことを応援しています。」
(わたしたちファンはいつでも ___ のことをおうえんしています / Watashitachi fan wa itsudemo ___ no koto o ōen shiteimasu)
“We, your fans, are always there for you.”

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