Words Related to Car in Japanese

*ナンバー[プレート](なんばー[ぷれーと])”license plate”
→When it is clear that we are talking about a car, we often omit the プレート (ぷれーと) part and simply call it ナンバー (なんばー).

→To distinguish it from the interior rear view mirror, it is called ドアミラー (どあみらー) with an ドア (どあ), but it is often just called ミラー (みらー).

→カーナビ (かーなび) stands for a car navigation system, which we often call ナビ (なび) for short.

*ハンドブレーキ(はんどぶれーき)”parking brake”
→Many recent cars are equipped with a parking brake that is not a hand-pull but a foot-push one. The foot pedal parking brake is called a フットブレーキ (ふっとぶれーき).

*給油する(きゅうゆする)”to fuel”
→You can also say ガソリンを入れる (がそりんをいれる) when you fuel a car.

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