Your one-stop shop for baking: TOMIZ

Birthdays, parties, celebrations…
Did you ever want to buy a cake in Japan?
Did you ever think they look delicious, but they are so pricy you wish you could bake them yourself?

The answer is you can!

Since I moved to Japan, I always missed baking cakes and other home desserts because I could not find the ingredients I used to buy abroad in Japanese supermarkets. The few times I took the initiative of cooking a dessert, I had to visit multiple supermarkets and websites to get all the ingredients I needed, and it was always taking so much time and effort just gathering them!

But last year, I discovered by chance the amazing baker’s heaven TOMIZ (Tomizawa Shoten) and I knew I had to share my experience with you!


TOMIZ is the leading one stop baking ingredients and tools supplier in Japan, offering high quality product, both made in Japan and exported, to home bakers and professional chefs.

The first time I entered the store, I could not believe my eyes… They have an impressively wide range of baking supplies including dozens of different kinds of flours, butter, sugar, chocolate, food coloring, flavor oils and extracts, nuts, dry fruits, honey… They also sell their own lines of spices and beautiful cake decorations. All in one place!

Recommended items


As mentioned earlier, you can find every kind of flour, sugar, and other ingredients you need to make home desserts. I especially loved to find many kinds of coconut products available for a very attractive price compared to common Japanese supermarkets.
They also sell buckwheat flour to cook homemade French galettes for example, and various kits for easy cooking.

After my first visit, I made this tasty coconut vanilla cake! Everyone was amazed by its subtle flavor and softness (you cannot have the same results with the Japanese all-purpose flour!).

My favorite pick this day was this bottle of sakura flavoring!
It can be used for all kinds of Japanese and Western desserts; frozen, raw, or baked. I personally use it in cakes, pancakes, smoothies or as topping for ice cream. It has a unique and deep sweet cherry blossom flavor and is simply DELICIOUS.


I also strongly recommend this shop for bread bakers. If you can read Japanese, they have very detailed information about the different use of each specific flours and many recipes (see here: They also have a great collection of imported yeasts.

You can also find anything you need to bake savory pie crusts, pizza doughs, etc.


Besides ingredients, you can also find all cooking utensils you might need, including molds, whisks and spatulas, cooking sheets, cookie cutters, etc. as well as package boxes and wrapping material so you can bring your confections anywhere you like.

For those who are not into baking, it’s never too late to start ~

Their website has a recipes corner that you should definitely explore for inspiration! (Japanese only)
Japan Instagram Account

If you don’t want to bake from scratch, TOMIZ also has a variety of easy bake mixes to cook pancakes, muffins, cookies, sponge cake etc. like a piece of cake (no pun intended ;))!

TOMIZ physical shops list: (Japanese only)

TOMIZ online shop: (Japanese only)