3 Middle Eastern Gems From Gyomu Super

I know you have already heard about Gyomu Super, the low-cost chain that has become the best grocery shopping destination in Japan in the last few years. If not, it is not too late to catch up!
Check out our previous article for more details about the supermarket and its halal foods selection:

Halal Foods at Gyomu Super “業務スーパー” in Japan

So, have you checked their closest location yet? You can do it right below!
And I will give you more reasons to do so in this article.

The little Costco is not only targeted to professionals cooks and has much to offer, and more especially if you want to cook Middle Eastern, Indian and Mexican food, which I must admit I crave more than once a week… Don’t you?

While living abroad, it is always a challenge to find the perfect ingredients to cook international food, and we often have to turn to imported goods to be able to cook the closest version of any recipe.
It is an even greater challenge in Japan since most supermarkets only offer a few international brands (that are also often not halal certified).

Gyomu Super is a hidden treasure for finding many imported products, and for a very competitive price! I went to several halal stores across Tokyo but I find Gyomu Super quality/price rapport really attractive in comparison.

So here are my favorite items from GYOMU.


Ideal as a dip for vegetable sticks and crackers, or as a spread for wraps and sandwiches.

It is a very good option found nowhere else in Japan (lately I see some hummus products in the supermarkets but they are often very tiny and very pricey! The taste is not great either.).

This product has a rich flavor and is already delicious on its own, but of course you can add a drizzle of olive oil, or a little bit of cumin, lemon juice or yogurt etc. to make it spicier or/and creamier to your liking! 

Imported from Jordan. 267 yen

Gyomu Super also sells a red chili version of hummus, but it is VERY spicy! I love it too but I had to mix it with Greek yogurt to make the spiciness more tolerable…

See product details here



You can also find Tahni (sesame paste) in Gyomu Super!

This condiment is without doubt an essential element of Middle Eastern cuisine, and it is sold for only 354 yen (300g) in Gyomu Super. It is very tasty, creamy and out of this world!

It is not listed as Halal food in their Halal shop list, but this is a natural product made with 100% crushed sesame seeds, so feel free to consume it without worries.

Imported from Greece. 354 yen


Paratha is a baked flatbread with a texture very similar to puff pastry, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. You can use it full as a wrap, or peal off little pieces of bread one by one for a more fun way to dip in meals such as curry or shakshuka (it fits Middle Eastern cuisine very well!).

You could also serve it as a dessert and customize it with your favorite ingredients! Honey, fruit or ice cream, the possibilities are endless! 

GYOMU also sells other frozen breads such as chapati (another sort of flatbread a bit thinner than paratha but as delicious), very tasty pita bread and several kinds and sizes of tortillas!

Imported from Malaysia.

So here are some of my favorite items from Gyomu Super. I think you should definitely try them whether you want to cook some delicious meals or just want a healthy snack!

These are flavor packed and cannot be found easily in Japanese common supermarkets. Plus, they are sold at a very competitive price!

Let us know if you are interested in other products recommendations from Gyomu Super!