Halal Foods at Gyomu Super “業務スーパー” in Japan

Have you ever heard of a supermarket called “Gyomu Super”? (Pronunciation: GYŌMU SŪPĀ)
It is a major supermarket with at least one store in every prefecture in Japan (more than 900 stores nationwide).

“Gyomu” means “wholesale for professionals,” and when it was first established in 2000, people in the restaurant industry often used this supermarket, but now it is one of the most popular supermarkets among general customers. It is popular for its low prices, the volume of its products, and the variety of imported foods from all over the world. In this article, we introduce some of the halal products available at this supermarket.

When did Gyomu Super start selling Halal foods?

This supermarket started selling halal foods in 2009. The main products are seasonings, halal chicken, and Malaysian foods, etc. The number of halal products is increasing every year to meet the needs of Muslims living in Japan. (Some products, such as halal beef, are sold only in limited stores.)

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Three of the halal products you should definitely try!

Halal meats

SEARA Frozen Chicken Boneless Legs

In Japan, most supermarkets in town do not sell halal certified meats. (According to some of my Muslim friends living in Japan, they often buy halal meat from halal stores or online.) In contrast, Gyomu Super sells frozen chicken meat with halal certification. In addition, depending on the store and time of year, they may also sell lamb and beef. (Please inquire at nearby stores.)

Gyomu Super also sells frozen Japanese fried chicken, one of the most popular foods here, made with halal-certified chicken. It can be easily cooked; all you have to do is heat it up in the microwave! For a better taste, I recommend deep frying it until the batter becomes crispy. It is seasoned very well and is very tender and sizzling.

It also goes well with the halal certified spices that are also sold at Gyomu Super. I like to wrap the fried chicken with vegetables in halal certified Frozen Tortilla Wraps .

Halal certified seasonings

HALAL FOOD Condiments

Here, you can find a variety of halal-certified seasonings.

I especially like the herb salts that come in containers with grinders (right in the image above). There are several types, all of which can be purchased for around 200 yen. (As of February 2022)

Halal certified snacks

HALAL FOOD Sweets & Snacks

These are my two favorites!

Coconut Cookie
Win2 Garlic Bread

Both are 88 Japanese yen plus tax (as of February 2022), low cost, and taste great, so I recommend them. The garlic bread snacks are a great alternative to popcorn when watching a movie with my family. The cookies, in particular, are similar to the high-quality cookies sold in department stores, and when I served them to a customer the other day, she enjoyed them very much.

If you have any other recommendations for supermarkets or stores that sell halal foods, let us know!

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