Basic information about Japan’s tropical island of Amami Oshima

What is Amami Oshima?

Amami Oshima is an island in Kagoshima Prefecture, at the southern tip of Kyushu. It is located in the middle of Kagoshima and Okinawa. It is the second largest island in Japan and is a place full of nature, with mostly forests and coral reefs in the sea. The beautiful nature of the island was registered as a World Natural Heritage site in July 2021. It is a perfect island for activities in nature.

  • Northern part:
    The northern part, where the airport is located, is an area with beautiful beaches and many accommodations. The atmosphere and color of the seas of Amami change drastically depending on the point of view, whether it is the sea facing the Pacific Ocean or the East China Sea.
  • City center:
    There are many hotels, restaurants, shopping facilities, and a downtown area, making it a convenient base for travel.
  • Middle part:
    This area has many natural attractions, including areas where delicious fruits are grown, mangrove forests, waterfalls, and habitats for plants and animals, as well as the sea.
  • Southern part:
    This part can be enjoyed together with Kakeroma Island, Uke Island, Yoro Island and other beautiful islands connected by ferry. The area is rich in marine activities. It is also a place where many sites related to traditional culture and history remain.

Enjoy the culture, industry, and food that has developed uniquely because it is an isolated island.

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Access to Amami Oshima and Transportation

Air route:

There is one flight per day from major airports in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Okinawa, etc.). 

  • From Tokyo: 2 to 3 hours 
  • From Osaka: 1.5 hours 
  • From Fukuoka: 1.5 hours 

Also, there are several flights a day from Kagoshima Airport and neighboring airports (it takes about 1 hour).

Sea route:

If you want to travel with your own bicycle, motorcycle, or car, you will have to use the ferry. It takes about 11 hours from Kagoshima. (Ferry services departing from Osaka and Kobe take about 30 hours.)

Transportation on the island:

Rental cars are the way to go on the island! If you are planning to visit Amami, make sure you have your international driver’s license ready. Please refer to the article below.
Guide For People Who Plan to Drive in Japan | Part-1

If you would like to avoid driving a car in a foreign country, you can take Shima-bus. The island is dotted with recommended spots, so we recommend purchasing an unlimited ride ticket.

  • 1-day ticket: adult 2,100 yen/child 1,050 yen
  • 2-day ticket: adult 3,150 yen/child 1,580 yen
  • 3-day ticket: adult 4,200 yen/child 2,100 yen
    *Child rates apply to ages 6 to 12. Children between the ages of 1 and 6 are free when the number of children is the same or less than the number of guardians, but a child fee is charged from the second child per guardian.

Unlimited ride tickets are available at the information desk at Amami Airport, so buy them before you leave the airport. You can also buy an unlimited ride ticket through the app, although it is only available in Japanese.

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