How to “Danshari” with Your Leftover Coins in Japan?

I am quite a fan of the idea of Danshari in Japan. Danshari (断捨離) means saying goodbye to something unnecessary in your life to have more space for those which makes your heart really beat. For years I was always confused about dealing with those little coins including Japanese and other countries’ which I was …

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Exchange and Withdraw Cash in Japan

Cash is still the mainstream payment in Japan. Chain stores such as ones in shopping malls generally accept credit cards and other cashless payment methods, while many private stores and cultural facilities only accept cash. We will introduce you where to exchange money and where to withdraw Japanese yen. It is a good idea to …

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Japanese banknotes

Japanese Currency Guide -Banknote-

Banknotes (paper currency) in Japan will be renewed in 2024. For the time being, both current and new banknotes will be used. Let’s take a look at both the old and the new! For paper currency, check out this article!Japanese Currency Guide -Coins- 1000 yen banknote 5000 yen banknote 10000 yen banknote What’s a 2000 …

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Japanese coins

Japanese Currency Guide -Coins-

Have you ever had an experience where your wallet got fat with Japanese coins? The Japanese government is in the process of promoting a cashless society, but still, many small stores do not accept cashless payment services such as credit cards and Apple Pay. So let’s learn about Japanese coins together! There may be information you …

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