Exchange and Withdraw Cash in Japan

Cash is still the mainstream payment in Japan. Chain stores such as ones in shopping malls generally accept credit cards and other cashless payment methods, while many private stores and cultural facilities only accept cash.

We will introduce you where to exchange money and where to withdraw Japanese yen. It is a good idea to read this before you come to Japan.

How much you should exchange into Japanese Yen

We recommend exchanging half of your travel budget (excluding accommodation and transportation costs) into Japanese yen. If you are going to a local city, especially in the countryside, you should convert about 70 percent of your budget into Japanese yen.

If you don’t want to carry a lot of cash with you, you can exchange only a small part of your budget into Japanese yen first, and then withdraw the remaining amount you need during the trip.

Where you can exchange into Japanese Yen

First of all, one option is to exchange it at the airport or a bank in your country. Most traded currencies, such as US dollars and Euros, can be exchanged throughout Japan, but some currencies may be difficult to exchange in Japan. If you wish to convert less circulated currencies into Japanese yen, we recommend exchanging them in your home country.

The following is a list of places in Japan where you can exchange money.


At international airports in Japan, there are Japanese bank exchange counters and automatic exchange machines at the arrival exits. The rates vary slightly depending on the location.


The main branches of the major banks offer foreign currency exchange. The main currencies generally exchanged at banks are the US dollar, Euro, Korean won, Chinese yuan, Hong Kong dollar, and Australian dollar.

SMBC Trust Bank

Mizuho Bank 
Currency Exchange Shops And Machines | Mizuho Japan

Exchange stores and ticket stores

In major cities such as Tokyo and Osaka, there are cash exchange stores and ticket stores where you can exchange your money. The following are some of the major cash stores and ticket stores.

Travelex (Japanese Only)

Daikoku-ya (Japanese Only)


At luxury hotels, you can exchange money at the front desk. However, we do not recommend it because the fee is relatively high.
These days, some capsule hotels and budget-friendly hotels have automatic foreign currency exchange machines. The exchange rates there are often the same as those at banks.

Where you can withdraw Japanese Yen

If your cash card or credit card is compatible with international withdrawals or has logos like the following on the back, you can withdraw Japanese yen at compatible financial institutions and ATMs in Japan. (The marks below are just examples. Other brands may also be available. Also, some cards may not be able to be withdrawn even if they have the following marks on the back.)
Tip – Check and enable your card for overseas use before you come to Japan!


You can withdraw Japanese yen from your cash card or credit card at ATM machines located in convenience stores in Japan.

Support: Visa/Plus/Mastercard®/Maestro®/Cirrus®/UnionPay(銀聯)/JCB/DISCOVER®/AMEX/Diners
Seven Bank – You can withdraw Japanese yen from ATMs at 7-Eleven stores

Support: Visa/Plus/Mastercard®/Maestro®/Cirrus®/UnionPay(銀聯)/JCB
Lawson Bank – International ATMs

Family Mart
Support: JCB/Visa/Mastercard®/UnionPay(銀聯)(/Diners/AMEX/DISCOVER®)
Welcome to Japan | Family Mart


Mizuho Bank
Support: Visa/Plus/Mastercard®/Maestro®/Cirrus®/UnionPay(銀聯)/JCB/DISCOVER®
Hours and Services of International ATMs for Cards Issued Outside Japan | Mizuho Japan

Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
Support: Visa/Plus/Mastercard®/Maestro®/Cirrus®/UnionPay(銀聯)/JCB/DISCOVER®
Branch search | MUFG Bank

Mitsui Sumitomo Bank
Support: Visa/Plus/Mastercard®/Maestro®/Cirrus®/UnionPay(銀聯)
Main Branch Information | Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

If you have extra money at the end of your trip, use it to buy souvenirs or exchange it for cash at the airport. You may also want to refer to the following article.

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