Wanko Soba at Azuma-ya

Wanko soba is a type of soba noodle served in a single mouthful portion in a bowl, and when the customers eat up the noodle, the server beside them puts in the next noodle one after the other. The server will keep putting in the next noodle until the customers place the lid on their bowls. 

They serve various condiments together, so you can eat more than you think you can.

Roughly 15 bowls are the same portion as one serving of soba. The best record ever set was in 1996, when someone slurped down 559 bowls with no time limit! In general, men eat an average of 60 to 80 bowls, and women an average of 30 to 60 bowls.


Depends on each store. 

Business hours

11 am – 3 pm // 5 pm – 7 pm


3,150 to 3,700 yen

Major food allergens

Wheat, Soba (buckwheat) 

How to say in Japanese

Azuma-ya (restaurant name): 東屋 (あずまや/azuma-ya)
Wanko Soba: わんこそば (wanko soba)



Address (Main Store)

1-8-3 Nakanohashidori, Morioka-shi, Iwate 020-0871 (Google Maps)

Access (Main Store)

2 minutes walk from Bus Stop “盛岡バスセンター (Morioka Bus Center)”
*You can take a bus from Morioka Station to the nearest bus stop. It takes a 10 – 12 minute ride from Morioka station.

*Other stores are also available. Please check Google Maps for more information on stores conveniently located in front of the train station for travelers.