Where to Buy Japanese Incense

You have all heard of incense, this distinctive stick that releases a unique fragrant smoke when burned. Used in many temples in Japan, it is also widely used by particulars at home for many purposes. Japanese incense is renowned for its high quality and the finesse of its fragrance. It has been used in Japan …

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Bairindo “Yawaraka” (Soft Sablé Cookie)

This is a fusion of Japanese and Western sweets made by a Japanese confectioner established in 1864. It is characterized by its refined sweetness and softness that everyone likes, from children to the elderly. From the moment you open the bag, you can smell the buttery aroma of these soft cookies. Japanese white chocolate ganache …

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Japan’s Convenience Stores Are a Traveler’s Best Friend

  If you visit Japan, you will see many convenience stores. They offer many products and useful services. You can buy things you forgot to pack and find good food in those stores. Also, you can use restrooms and Wi-Fi in some of them. Convenience stores will be a great ally in your travels. What Kind …

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