Interview with a Career Opportunities Professional in Japan: Mr. Kobayashi from  Leverages Co., Ltd.

“We are committed to solving issues for the well-being of everyone involved.”

“Today, we have Mr. Kobayashi from Leverages Co., Ltd. here to tell us about job hunting activities in Japan for non-Japanese.
Mr. Kobayashi, thank you very much for coming today.”

Mr. Kobayashi
“Thank you for having me.”

“Let’s get right into it. Tell us about Leverages Co., Ltd., and please introduce yourself.” 

Mr. Kobayashi
“Leverages, Co., Ltd. is a human resources company established in 2005. It operates many businesses centered on human resources to solve society’s severe labor shortage issues in industries such as IT engineers, nurses, and caregivers. With overseas offices in Shanghai, Vietnam, Mexico, and other countries, we are committed to solving issues for the well-being of everyone involved, regardless of country or industry.

I am the head of marketing in the International Media Division.
We are a team of people from diverse backgrounds, native languages, and cultures, and more than half of our team is non-Japanese, but we work together as one to deliver good content to people who work or want to challenge themselves overseas (in Japan) through our service ‘WeXpats.’”

“WeXpats Jobs has grown rapidly by offering a wide range of employment options”

“So the company has been in business for more than 15 years, starting in 2005. What about services for foreigners? What kind of job search have you assisted?”

Mr. Kobayashi
“Our service for foreigners, WeXpats Jobs, started operating in 2019. WeXpats Jobs is a late entrant compared to other companies. Still, while other services are focused on English teachers and bilingual full-time jobs, WeXpats Jobs has grown rapidly by offering a wide range of employment options, including part-time, specific skills, and full-time jobs, which has attracted many users to the service.

Immediately after we released the service in 2020, there were some restrictions on entry into Japan due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, even under such circumstances, we have mainly provided support to those already in Japan looking for part-time jobs or changing careers.”

“There are two significant challenges for foreigners looking for work in Japan.”

“That’s true. Some of my friends found it challenging because there were many jobs available for English teachers and ALT jobs, but most required that English be the native language, so there were few other jobs available.

When it comes to challenges, what are common challenges that foreigners face when looking for jobs in Japan?”

Mr. Kobayashi
“From our experience with a wide range of users of WeXpats Jobs, there are two significant challenges for foreigners looking for work in Japan: Japanese language level and status of residence.
Some jobs will not accept applications unless the applicant has a certain level of Japanese, and even if they do apply, they may be turned down due to a lack of status of residence.

If you have a Japanese level of N3 or higher on the JLPT, the number of jobs you can apply for will increase significantly. Therefore, if you are a foreigner who wants to work in Japan, it is a good idea to aim for N3 first.”

“I see. Then how does your company help solve those challenges?”

Mr. Kobayashi
“WeXpats Jobs lists the Japanese level and status of residence for all jobs so that you can easily find the jobs you can apply for.

Once you sign up as a member and register information on your Japanese level and status of residence, you can easily find only the jobs you are qualified to apply for. We also try to collect as many good jobs as possible to increase the number of jobs you can apply for, even if you have not yet obtained N3 on the JLPT.

WeXpats also has a YouTube channel called WeXpats TV and a web media called WeXpats Guide. WeXpats TV also provides information about the status of residence and culture.”

“One of the advantages of WeXpats is that 11 languages are supported.”

“It is conducive to finding job postings that fit your situation online easily. Can you give us more details about that service? What is the application process?”

Mr. Kobayashi
WeXpats Jobs allows you to search for jobs from the largest database of jobs for foreigners in Japan. Once you find a job you want to apply for, you can sign up as a member and enter your Japanese level, the status of residence, and other information to apply for jobs. Once you register, you cannot only apply for jobs immediately, but you will also see the jobs you are eligible to apply for based on your Japanese level and other information.

One of the advantages of WeXpats is that 11 languages are supported. You can register and search for jobs in your native language so that you can understand the job content well.

Furthermore, you can receive email offers from companies. Even if you don’t know what job you want yet, you can register and find a new job, which you may not have even considered,  without having to search for it yourself.

*Supported languages (as of July 2022): Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Myanmar, Indonesian, Thai, Portuguese, Spanish

“Wow, 11 languages! I have worked abroad myself, and I remember that information available in my native language was valuable and helpful. I hope that everyone reading JD will take advantage of this service.
Finally, do you have a message for all the foreigners reading this?”

“Leaving one's home country and working in another country is a great challenge that can change one's life.”

Mr. Kobayashi
“The service name ‘WeXpats’ is a coined word combining the first person plural ‘we’ and ‘expats,’ meaning ‘people working abroad.’

This name expresses our desire to provide an opportunity to create a win-win relationship between foreigners and Japanese companies regarding working in Japan.

There may be many reasons to work abroad, but I believe that ‘leaving one’s home country and working in another country – where the language and culture are different – is a great challenge that can change one’s life.’

WeXpats aspires to be a service and business that supports and assists those who wish to take on such challenges abroad.”

“Thank you very much for your time today. It was helpful information for those who have already been to Japan and would like to come to Japan in the future.”

Mr. Kobayashi
“Thank you very much.”

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