Japanese Manga on Twitter!

 If you live outside of Japan, it may not be easy to get manga written in Japanese. Did you know that these days, Japanese amateur creators are posting their manga on Twitter? Many of the manga on Twitter is high quality, and in some cases, they became so popular on Twitter that they actually published some hard copies through publishers. In this article, you will be introduced to the accounts of the creators I recommend and how to find their comics.  

The Age of Debuting as a Manga Artist on Twitter

 For those of you who want to learn Japanese, it can be difficult to find manga written in Japanese outside of Japan. Also, it costs too much money to purchase a number of hard copies. Therefore, this article introduces you to accounts on Twitter that posting original manga!
 There are many hard copies of manga in Japan, most of which are published in magazines. However, these days, more and more amateur manga publish on the Internet have become popular and are being put on sale as hard copies. Nowadays, many creators are putting their original manga online. So we can read quality manga for free on Twitter.

Recommended Accounts on Twitter

 I would like to share with you some of the creators’ accounts on Twitter that I recommend.

 She is a manga artist who made a big hit with 「腐女子のつづ井さん(ふじょしのつづいさん)”Fujoshi no Tsuzui-san”」, which depicts the daily life of an otaku who enjoys living with her friends. She became famous on pixiv, a website for submitting manga and illustrations.
 She tweets manga about her family and small daily events. Her laid-back illustrations become popular on Twitter. My favorite is the episode where she went to donate blood, which gives us an insight into the state of blood donation rooms in Japan, and her unique comments are very interesting! Her cartoons are handwritten, and even the dialogue text is handwritten. We recommend this manga to those who do not have many opportunities to see Japanese handwriting. If there are any characters you can’t read or recognize, feel free to ask us on our Twitter.

seko koseko
 She became very popular after she started tweeting a series of manga.
The manga features three middle-aged women with different personalities and hobbies who live together. The women’s cheerful, age-defying lives, such as trying on unfamiliar Halloween costumes and trying out a house coffee shop on a rainy day, especially captured the hearts of women. A hard copy of this manga is on sale under the title 「マダムたちのルームシェア(まだむたちのるーむしぇあ)”Madamu-tachi no rūmushea”. Her other illustrations are also very cute.

 The manga became popular for its unique preschoolers and their teachers who are swept up in the kids. The creator is a former childcare worker, and based on her own experiences, she comically depicts in her manga how she was surprised and shocked by children’s unexpected comments and actions. She shares not only funny episodes, but also thought-provoking episodes about parenting. The hard copies are currently available in five volumes.

How Can I Find Interesting Manga?

 Many creators tweet manga every day. When I find a very interesting one, I feel as if I have found a treasure in a secret place.
 Today I will give you some tips on how to find such manga. There is a hashtag that is often used by Japanese people when tweeting about manga.

(This mean is “Hashtags where you can read manga”)

 Search for this hashtag on Twitter. You will find many manga. And follow the accounts tweeting the manga you like! They will surely retweet and tell you about other interesting manga.
You can find many more interesting manga on Twitter than those introduced in this article. Be sure to let us know on Twitter what manga you’d recommend!