Miso Curry Milk Ramen

Miso ramen noodles with curry powder and milk. The milk mildens the spiciness of the curry powder to a good degree, making it a very tasty soup.

In the 1970s, it was popular among local junior and senior high school students to create new tastes by combining various foods, and the owner adopted the idea after receiving a request from customers.


Depends on each shop. 

Business hours

Depends on each shop.


Around 1,000 yen for a bowl of ramen

How to say in Japanese

Miso curry milk ramen: 味噌カレー牛乳ラーメン (みそかれーぎゅうにゅうらーめん /Miso karē gyūnyū rāmen)

Top-rated restaurants

札幌館 “Sapporo Kan” (Google Maps)

味の札幌 大西 “Aji No Sapporo Ohnishi” (Google Maps)

味の札幌 浅利 “Aji No Sapporo Asari” (Google Maps)