We Answer Questions about Japan from Our Followers! | Part-1

Thank you for sending questions about Japan on Instagram! We answer your questions in the text version. Japanese and English are available below.

Hi! 皆さん。DNメンバーのAbuです。

Hi, Everyone! I’m Abu, a member of DN.


Today, I will be answering the questions that you guys have sent us.


All conversations will be in Japanese, so I am putting the English subtitles below. If you have just started learning Japanese, please check the subtitles to understand the details. 


Okay, let’s get started. Let’s go to the first question.

質問 「東京で不自由なく生活するために稼ぐべきお金はいくらですか?」

Question: “How much money do you need to earn to live in Tokyo conveniently?”


In Tokyo, the starting salary for a new college graduate is about 220,000 yen, so in order to live in Tokyo (without cutting down your spending), you may need to be able to earn about 200,000 yen.


If you live outside of Tokyo, the rent will be a little cheaper, and the money you should earn might also be a little cheaper.

質問 「東京に留学したいと思っています。東京の学生の1人暮らしの部屋はどれくらいの広さですか?家賃はどれくらいですか?」

Question: “I’d like to go to Tokyo to study over there. How big is a room for a student living alone in Tokyo? How much is the rent?”


Of course, rents in Tokyo range from very high to very low, but I think that most students spend between 60,000 yen and 100,000 yen for rent.

広さも色々あるのですが、ワンルームといわれるキッチンとお部屋が接続されているものから1K (ワンケー) と言われるキッチンとお部屋が分かれているタイプのお部屋が主流かなと思います。

There are a variety of room sizes, but I think the most common are (one-room) studios, where the kitchen and room are connected in one room, and 1K studios, where the kitchen and room are separated by the door.

質問 「着物を着て生活している人はどれくらい居ますか?」

Question: “How many people still wear kimonos everyday?”


Kimonos are not easy to wear on a daily basis, so you don’t see many people living in kimonos in Japan today.


As for when to wear a kimono, Japanese people often wear kimonos for weddings, parties, and other events.

質問 「満員電車はどのくらい大変?」

Question: “How hard is it to ride packed trains in Tokyo?”


Packed trains in Tokyo… They are really tough. Once you get inside the train, it’s already packed so tightly that you can’t even move to the left or right.


One interesting thing, however, is that it is very well organized when getting on and off, so there is not really any panic among the passengers. So, I hope that everyone will experience (or see) a packed train when they come to Japan.


Well, how did it go, everyone? I hope I have answered your questions well.


This is part 1, and we are still getting a lot of questions, so we will try to come up with part 2, so if you still have questions, please message us at the DN’s DM. (DN’s DM is like a little tricky tongue twister, though… lol)


We’re looking forward to your questions. We would appreciate it if you would follow us and share.


See you then! Thanks!